About Us

Welcome to Cryptid Encounters! Here you’ll find a thought provoking podcast about everything supernatural, the mysterious, the strange, and The Unknown. Whether you’re searching for Bigfoot or fascinated with UFOs, or the Missing, together we explore the deeper regions of cryptids with encounters that will make you think out loud. Please feel free to share your encounters and comment on your favorite content with what you’d like to see next. We also invite you to subscribe and stay up to date with our growing podcast and join the cryptid community

Host Bio

Jerry Lopez, The Host of Cryptid Encounters podcast was born & raised in the great state of Alaska and calls the world famous Kenai Peninsula home.

Jerry grew up in a family with deep ties to the paranormal and cryptid encounters going back several generations; having first heard these eerie tales shared around the family fireplace. Having developed a unique interest at a young age, Jerry would later go on to experience a couple of remarkably strange encounters that would leave him a die hard believer and eventually pave the way for him to create a platform to inform and share more about the strange unknown in the world.